How to Choose the Best Place to Put A Garden Statue

Decorating our outdoor spaces can seem like a daunting task. Even when we have the perfect piece of art in mind, finding the perfect spot for it can feel tricky. Luckily, there are some easy tricks that can help anyone become an exterior export. This article will teach you how

How to Repair a Damaged Metal Statue

So, your favorite metal piece has suffered some damage—maybe it’s fallen off a stand or faced a few too many bad weather days in the garden. What do you do? When it comes to cracks, chips, and dents, don’t despair! Repairing your statue is easy with a few common tools

Bear vs. Bull Battle History and Statues

California’s Bear vs. Bull Battles and Statues Competitions between powerful bulls and fierce bears were a popular form of entertainment for Californians of all ages during the 1800s. The animal blood sport was originally brought to American shores by Spanish adventurers who came to settle in the New World. Bears

Great Statues For A Western or Midwest Feel

Are you looking for the perfect landscaping, garden and yard ideas for your Midwest home? The large variety of landscaping and garden styles, and beautiful garden statues, means you’ll find the ideal look for your Midwest home if you invest a little effort.

Statue Ideas for Your Midwest Yard and Garden Statues make amazing additions to ... Continue reading

Metal Outdoor Desert Statues

Desert Statues for Your Yard & Outdoor Spaces With outdoor statues, you can create a multitude of landscapes in your yard, such as desertscapes full of succulents and other plants in addition to your statues of coyotes, wild horses, mountain lions, cactus and more. There’s so much possible with statues now, in terms of subject matter, ... Continue reading

Metal Deer Yard Statues

Country Yard Statues

Classic American Country Statues Outdoor statues can transform an ordinary yard or garden of almost any size into a wonderland, an oasis, or a retreat. This simple ornamentation creates a room outside, like an extension of your home. There are many kinds of statues that are popular among statue enthusiasts, varying in style, theme, size, material ... Continue reading

Why The Best Metal Statues Are Made From Cast Recycled Aluminum

Why The Best Metal Statues Are Made From Cast Recycled Aluminum Cast Recycled Aluminum is the best choice among the materials you can use to make statues. While other materials, such as concrete and cement, stone, bronze, wood and resin are popular for statues, cast recycled aluminum offers multiple benefits that make it a superior material. ... Continue reading

How to Repaint and Restore Your Metal Statue

How to Repaint and Restore Your Metal Statue If you’ve invested in a metal statue for your indoor decor or to place as home and garden art, you might want to repaint, or restore, it. Repainting your metal statue will maintain it’s beautiful appearance and protect it against age and the elements (ideally, you’ll have ... Continue reading